Medical decisions are based on Science – 'evidence-based medicine'. Data from disease registries is a key component of the scientific basis of our understanding of diseases such as LAL-D. We would value your participation. Thank you.

— Dr. William Balisteri

The LAL-D registry represents a unique opportunity to understand the clinical features and the outcome of children and adults with this rare lysosomal storage disorder affecting primarily the liver. I encourage all health care professionals working in the field of liver disease and metabolic disorders to contribute to the project, joining the already numerous number of centers involved in this important scientific initiative.

— Dr. Lorenzo D'Antiga

The Registry provides important insights into LAL-D which are critical in facilitating early recognition of affected individuals, with the goal of improving outcomes.

— Dr. Don Wilson

I think that the registry is a great idea even if it wasn’t required by regulators. It provides us with collective knowledge and information about a condition that we are learning more about every day.

— Dr. Suresh Vijay